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Pamela DuBois

Pamela DuBois is a Real Estate celebrity, a community leader, mentor and marketing genius. She is a prestigious member of 100% Club and President’s Club. Having secured her Real Estate license at the age of 19, Pamela DuBois has conducted nearly every type of Real Estate transaction imaginable, endured health and familial problems and emerged as one of the most trusted names in Maryland. Her 36 years of experience, her highly professional, yet personal style, and her intrinsic drive to serve people, is the reason for you to trust her to help you with your Real Estate career.
Whether you are a new Real Estate agent or a pro who has been in the game for years, it is not uncommon to feel uncertain about how to structure your business, build strong relationships and ultimately maximize profits. One solution is to get connected to an experienced and well known Real Estate professional. In other words, someone who has dealt with everything you are going through today and who can steer your career in the right direction. Real Estate Course 101 can be invaluable for those who want to learn about how to create and cultivate leads and sharpen their skills for desired results.

36  Years
In The Real Estate
12  Years
Worked for Real Estate Attorneys
5  Years
As a Mortgage Lender
19  Years
As a Real Estate Agent
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16 Modules To Master Real Estate Sales


What To Do Once You Receive Your Real Estate License

Congratulations! You are a licensed Real Estate Agent. Now Pam will teach you THE 8 Steps to help you choose the right Broker and why this step can make or break your career. 


Steps to Keep A Prospective Buyer

In this Lesson, Pam covers Buyer Consultation and WHY it’s important! Nine steps to help keep your buyer loyal.


Initial Meeting With The Buyer

 In this video Pam goes over why it’s important for you to sit down with potential buyer, what to discuss and how to build a rapport. Loan pre-approval is essentially the first step, in this video you will learn all the requirements and steps of loan pre-approval, so you can guide the buyer. 


Home Buying Process

Discover the 10 step process – from contract to closing.

Stop The Guess Work, Learn The Exact Steps to Success NOW!!


Writing A Winning Offer

The simple tips in this video will help to make sure that your offer is put together in a way that makes sense and has the seller saying “YES”!


Home Inspection

In this video you will learn the home inspection process, the deadlines and outcome for items needed for repair. 


Final Walk-Through

In this video Pam will go over what goes on at final walk-through and details of the home inspection items to be repaired.


Closing /Settlement /Escrow

This video will go over the final steps of transaction, who will be there and their roles.
Learn At Your Own Pace

The Best 24 Hours You Will Invest In Yourself.


Selling A Home - What To Do Once You Get The Listing

In this video, Pam will go over what the process will be for putting home on market.


Meet The Seller

Learn how to conduct your listing appointment with the seller, the questions you must ask and why these questions are crucial. 


Touring Home With Seller

This video will go through the initial walk through process of home and what questions to ask to help with the analysis of home.


Market Analysis and Pricing a Home

Pricing a home right is most important to get an offer in market time. In this lesson Pam goes through what it takes to price home right.

"Knowledge Is The Key To Success In Life" - Ben Franklin


Staging A Home

Pamela will be sharing which key elements to focus on to make the most of staging and getting your seller’s home to shine before going on the market.


Do’s and Don’ts When Putting Home on Market

Before the house hits the market, what are the key points that a good Real Estate Agent brings to attention of the seller. The do’s and don’ts before listing the property are shared in this video.


Receiving an Offer on Home

The 9 steps that get you to a winning offer on the property listed and smooth sailing to a quick sale. These steps will cover all blind spots that usually mess up the process and many a times properties end up back on market.


Real Estate Lingo

In this video tutorial, you will understand some of the basic terms of the new Real Estate language you need to know and comprehend. The Real Estate Course 101 helps you cut through the industry language barrier.


From Washington D.C To The World of Real Estate

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Factors that Can Impact the Real Estate Market


Video Marketing & How You Can Profit from Using it


Live Complimentary 60 minute Consultation with Pamela DuBois.

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Break Through Your Limits with Pamela's 1-on-1 / Group Coaching

A customized program to make you exceptional in your career. Her mantra is awareness of personal needs combined with mindset of a winner and honing in on individual skills and weaknesses to bring you to your full potential.

Each quarter, Pamela hand-picks few Real Estate Agents for 1-on-1 mentoring, customized based on their target locations, experience and current Real Estate trends. Please email us your contact information to apply for this exclusive program.